About Us

     No, the TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) license number on page one of this web site is not a typo.  Jim was the 103rd inspector to be licensed in the entire state of Texas. the license numbers for real estate inspectors are given out chronologically.  He has done literally thousands of inspections on all types of homes since 1983.  He is also licensed by the Texas Structural Pest Control Service (under the Texas Department of Agriculture) for WDI reports.  He is fully qualified to inspect optional systems such as swimming pools and lawn and garden sprinkler systems.  

      Experienced at doing inspections from new construction to older homes, either slab or pier and beam foundations, Jim Inmon is well known for his thorough, methodical approach to inspections. 

     Jim hates pecking around on a computer on site.  So, he writes the report while at the same time, taking a large number of digital pictures.  He emails his typed reports with captioned digital pictures in most cases by 10:00 AM the very next day.  

     We recommend our buyers be present at the time of the inspection.  Many inspectors would rather work without their clients present.  We feel strongly that this deprives our buyers from a lot of information that can only be gained by being at the inspection.  We can show you problems and give you tips on maintenance on the spot - you get more out of our inspection report when you are there to see what went into it.  Of course, if your presence is not possible, we will email you both the original report written on site on the TREC form, the WDI (termite) report and the typed version with the photos the next day and are always available by phone or email for any questions or concerns you may have. 
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